Project Manager

We are seeking a talented Project Manager to work with our team at Gander. 
What is Gander? Well, some people think of geese but, rest assured, we have a strict no-goosing rule. Unless you have a dog-friendly pet goose and then we’d consider adjusting our policy. More specifically though, Gander is a design studio. We create brand experiences for amazing brands across many industries. Our work starts with a strategically led branding process and usually results in everything from packaging and websites to printed materials and even claymation moons.

So what are we looking for?

For starters, someone driven. You should be determined to learn and excited to grow with a small team. It is equally important that you bring a positive attitude to your job and create a sense of ease with anyone we interact with as a business--whether a top level executive or an intern. Everyone brings something special to the Gander team, and we value their experience with us. 
As our project manager, you will manage all projects from conception all the way through implementation with maximum efficiency and attention to detail. 
At the onset of each new project, you will be responsible for clearly defining and prioritizing deliverables, resourcing our talent, creating realistic timelines, setting and managing client expectations and ensuring that projects are being delivered on time and within budget. Not simply organization, but attention to detail is absolutely essential for this position.
You will be coordinating our team of art directors, designers and developers to create the best work possible, and maintain a superior experience for all of our clients and collaborators along the way. 


  • 1+ years of Project Management experience, preferably within branding or design 
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Ability to problem solve quickly and with a clear understanding of the problem at hand
  • Ability to learn quickly. 
  • Ability to receive and implement feedback with positivity


  • Flexible vacation time
  • Commuter benefits
  • A dog-friendly studio
  • Impromptu 90's sing-alongs
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Please send resume and greeting to:

1120 Washington Ave. Ste. 203, Brooklyn, NY

P | (347) 903-4236  E |